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Who wants to learn how to manage and quickly organize their Social Media Posts?

I’m Kimberly "Design" Love and I have been working online for just over five years now. When I first encountered the world of online marketing & web design back in the spring of 2011, I was enthralled with the idea of “Marketing While I Slept”. I soon discovered that this was hard work and set about to learn as much as I could during my every waking hour. And one part of being an online entrepreneur was glaringly obvious to me immediately…I was going to have to learn how to harness the power of social media, quickly and easily creating content and managing when it went out so that people all over the world could learn more about me or my clients products and services.

Social Media is A Marketing Goldmine if You Know How to Use it Correctly

There Has To Be A Simpler Way…There Is – And I Can Show You How!

Now I am able to post content not only while I sleep, but also while I travel, play, spend time with family and friends, and meet with new client. This is all thanks to having a solid Social Media Success Planner. Now I have refined and streamlined this process so that you can do this as well. In fact, those who know of me in person or on the internet have referred to me as someone who keeps it all simple and I take that as a compliment.

Social media is an excellent marketing method that we all can benefit from.

Have you ever tried to put the power of social media to work for your business and then not seen the results you wanted?

You probably figured out pretty quickly that without a plan, it’s easy to flounder around and not really achieve anything.

The Social Media Success Planner is a Step-by-Step Guide that Includes: (16 Pages)

  • How to Automate & Systematize
    • Different Scheduling Platforms
  • Why #Hashtags Matter
    • Exercise: Determining Your Hashtags
  • Planning Events & Promotion
    • Exercise: Map Out Upcoming Events and Offers
  • Content Themes
    • Exercise: Map Out Monthly Themes
  • Throwbacks
    • Exercise: List Most Popular and Profitable Content
  • More Content
    • Different Types of Posts to Share
    • Exercise: Favorite Resources for Inspiration

Excel Calendar for Planning your Month

Print These Out or Use Them on Your iPad / Device !

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